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ISOMAT AK 20 is a high performance, flexible, polymer-modified, cement-based tile adhesive with extended open time and no vertical slip. Provides high initial and final
adhesion strength, moisture resistance and flexibility.

Certified according to EN 12004 and classified as type C2 TE S1 adhesive. CE marked.

Fields of application
ISOMAT AK 20 is suitable for fixing absorbent or non-absorbent tiles (e.g. “grès
porcellanato”), natural stone, decorative bricks, large-format tiles, etc. on walls or floors
on various substrates, especially where high adhesion, flexibility and moisture resistance
are required (e.g. old tile layers, heated floors, gypsum boards, etc.). Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Technical data
Form: cementitious powder
Colors: grey, white
Water demand: 7.75 l/25 kg bag
Application temperature:from +5°C to +35°C
Application thickness: up to 15 mm
Pot life: at least 6 h
Open time: at least 30 min
Minor adjustments
open time: at least 30 min
Slip: ≤ 0.5 mm
Grouting on walls: after 3-8 h
Grouting on floors: after 24 h
Adhesion strength after:
 28 days: ≥ 1.75 N/mm2
 heating at +70ºC: ≥ 1.50 N/mm2
 immersion in water: ≥ 1.30 N/mm2
 25 freeze-thaw cycles:≥ 1.50 N/mm2

Service temperature: from -30°C to +90°C
Deformability: > 2.5 mm
(EN 12004-2)
All measurements were conducted according
to EN 12004-2.

Directions for use

1. Substrate
The surface to be overlaid must be clean, free of dust, grease, paint, loose material, etc.
Dampening of the substrate before application is recommended.

2. Application
ISOMAT AK 20 is gradually added to water under continuous stirring, until a uniform paste
is formed. A low speed mixer is recommended for mixing.
The mixture should be left for about 5 minutes to settle and then slightly stirred again. The
tile adhesive should be spread (“combed”) on the substrate using a notched trowel, in order
to be uniformly applied on the whole surface. The tiles should be fixed by pressing to the
desired position. The applied mixture must be covered with tiles within 30 minutes in order to avoid “skin”
formation, i.e. before the adhesive film starts setting.

1.5-4.0 kg/m2
, depending on the trowel notch
size and the nature of the substrate.

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