Cancellation, return and refund policy

Last updated: 15.04.2024

In case you change your mind about a purchase, you may cancel your order, by calling 24 823938 or by e-mailing

It is a basic prerequisite to cancel the order on time, before the process of shipping has started. You can cancel an order the same day the order was placed, provided it is a working day (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

In case you wish to return any purchased products, you may do so within 14 days from the date received.

The date that is on the courier receipt is considered the date of return of the product. The product can be returned to the store, whereas for returning it to the company through mail, you will be charged with the return shipping cost.

In order to make a return, please keep in mind the following:

  1. The date of your order's delivery to the date of the submission of the return request should not exceed 14 calendar days.
  2. The company's special marker and the product's tags should not be removed or damaged.
  3. All product documents, such as packaging and receipt accompanying the product are part of the product and should be returned as well.
  4. In case the product is accompanied by a gift, this should be returned as well.
  5. The shipping package should be secure to prevent any damages during shipment. Our company will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the product shipped back to our company.
  6. The package should be unopened and it should be in its original (manufactured) state.
  7. Any products that are cut to measure or any paints that have been mixed cannot be returned back to the company.

You will get a refund within fourteen days, after receipt of returned products, or the order cancellation, in case you return a product, or cancel an order.

Your rights to cancel and return the product:

  • You can cancel the order and return the goods.

Your rights when you cancel or return the products will depend on what you have bought, whether there is anything wrong with it, how we are performing and whether you are a consumer or business customer:

  • If the product is faulty or misdescribed.

If the product you have bought is faulty or misdescribed you may have a legal right to cancel contract (or to get the product repaired or replaced or to get some or all of your money back).

  • If you change your mind.

You have the right to change your mind if you are a consumer under the Consumers' Rights Law 2013 (Ν. 133(I)/2013). If you are a consumer, then for most products bought online you have a legal right to change your mind within 14 days and receive a refund. This may be subject to deductions and you will may have to pay the costs of return of any goods under certain circumstances;

When consumers do not have a right to change their minds.

Your right as a consumer to change your mind does not apply in respect of:

  1. damaged or destroyed products;
  2. products sealed for health protection or hygiene purposes, once these have been unsealed after you receive them;
  3. any products which become mixed inseparably with other items after their delivery.
  • Ending the contract where we are not at fault and there is no right to change your mind.

Even if we are not at fault and you are not a consumer who has a right to change his/her mind you can still cancel the order before it is completed or return a product, but you may have to pay us compensation. A contract is completed when the products are delivered and paid for. If you want to terminate a contract before it is completed where we are not at fault and you are not a consumer who has changed their mind, just contact us to let us know. The contract will be terminated immediately, and we will refund any sums paid by you for products not provided but we may deduct from that refund (or, if you have not made an advance payment, charge you) reasonable compensation for the net costs we will incur as a result of your decision to terminate the contract.

How to cancel the order or return a product:

Tell us you want to cancel the order or return a product. To cancel an order or return a product, please let us know by doing one of the following:

  1. Phone or email. Contact customer services at 24-823938 or email us at
  2. Use the customer return form found here, which you can e-mail at

Please provide your name, home address, details of the order and, where available, your phone number and email address.

Returning products after ending the contract.

If you cancel the order for any reason after products have been dispatched to you or you have received them, you must return them to us. You must either return the goods in person to where you bought them, post them back to us at Archimandritou Makariou Macheriotou, 6051, Larnaca, Cyprus or (if they are not suitable for posting) allow us to collect them from you, if we wish.

If you are a consumer exercising your right to change your mind you must send off the goods within 14 days of telling us, you wish to end the contract.

When we will pay the costs of return.

We will pay the costs of return:

  1. if the products are faulty or misdescribed;
  2. if you terminate the contract because we have told you of an upcoming change to the product or these terms, an error in pricing or description, a delay in delivery due to events outside our control or because you have a legal right to do so as a result of something we have done wrong; or
  3. if you are exercising your right to change your mind as consumer within 14 days.

In all other circumstances you must pay the costs of return.

What we charge for collection.

If you are responsible for the costs of return and we are collecting the product from you, we will charge you the direct cost to us of collection. The costs of collection will be the same as our charges for standard delivery.

How we will refund you.

If you are entitled to a refund under these terms, we will refund you the price you paid for the products including delivery costs, by the same method used for payment. However, we may make deductions from the price, as described below.

  • If you are exercising your right to change your mind we may reduce your refund of the price to reflect any reduction in the value of the goods, if this has been caused by your handling them in a way which would not be permitted in a shop. If we refund you the price paid before we are able to inspect the goods and later discover you have handled them in an unacceptable way, you must pay us an appropriate amount.

When your refund will be made.

We will make any refunds due to you as soon as possible. If you are a consumer exercising your right to change your mind then:

  1. If the products are goods and we have not offered to collect them, your refund will be made within 14 days from the day on which we receive the product back from you or, if earlier, the day on which you provide us with evidence that you have sent the product back to us.
  2. In all other cases, your refund will be made within a period of 14 days from the date you informed us of the fact that you have changed your mind.
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